Air Freight Service
Air freight Service

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International Air Cargo Services is critical to your company's global supply chain in today's business world. The amount of goods transported by air each year is over $6 trillion, or $18.6 billion in a single day.

Your customers have set a high standard for service, responsiveness, and timely fulfillment. Air Cargo Agency is the best option if you need to send temperature-sensitive vaccines to patients right away, deliver expensive electronics to stores in time for a major sale, or send a vital component to an assembly line that has stalled in just a few hours.

For all of your air freight courier requirements, Benison Logistics offers the most significant degree of flexibility and optimization.

Air freight service, the quickest way to get goods to the destinations, assists you in completing time-sensitive projects by delivering cargo quickly while minimizing unexpected problems or obstacles.

Our Airline Cargo Services

Benison's air freight forwarding services are a sustainable choice for all types and sizes of air freight. We can provide a solution that meets your needs, whether you're shipping perishables, hazardous cargo, or any commodity that requires immediate delivery.

As an international air shipping service, our network reaches worldwide, keeping your freight within the Benison network from door to door.

Our air freight service includes Full charter air freight, Part charter air freight, Consolidation, Onboard courier, Back-to-back, and Air freight express delivery. Here our services and responsibility are not finished.

  1. Compliance and documentation assistance

Benison's air freight service team is always up to date on the latest air freight compliance requirements. We can handle all regulatory and documentation processes and guarantee the careful handling of your air cargo, wherever it may be in the world, thanks to our in-depth understanding of local conditions, laws, and regulations. This covers security checks, license requirements, customs clearance, and adherence to other local laws.

  1. Airline cargo services carriers

We work with a number of reputable airlines and cheap air freight carriers to ensure that your air freight cargo arrives safely, on schedule, and within your budget. They can handle your shipments because they have the know-how and capacity to do so, giving you complete freedom to send your cargo whenever and wherever you need to.

How Air Freight Forwarding Services Works

The process is simple, from pickup to delivery. Our agent will work with a local cargo to arrange for a pickup at your distribution center or holding facility. As soon as the cargo is loaded, the agent tenders the shipping to the airport for loading onto a plane. Our agent will set up pickup and delivery when the shipment lands at the airport of destination.

The travel process for both international and domestic air shipments is similar, but there are important distinctions to be made. There will be more complicated documentation and a customs clearance process if you are importing or exporting air cargo. Other differences include the tendering deadlines and delivery options.

What makes our airfreight logistics different from others

When you deploy our scale and expertise, you gain more bargaining power or cheap air freight options with carriers and instant access to capacity, even for unplanned shipments. Our global supply chain experts stay current on local, regional, and international market conditions as well as the most recent air freight trade route conditions.

Our air cargo services near me are available to assist you in minimizing risk and maximizing performance in today's dynamic market. With our extensive range of services, which include surface transportation, air freight, customs clearance, and trade compliance, we cover every possible angle.

Why Us

Every business model has unique requirements for air freight and sea freight. Our extensive air freight services, international network, and local expertise enable us to provide you with tailored, trusted air freight solutions based on your needs, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination on schedule. No matter what you're shipping, where it's going, or how quickly it must be delivered, it's our job to make your air freight process efficient.

We encourage you to grow your business with the help of our extensive global network that extends across all continents. Fast and simple online booking encourages you to take this step. Capabilities on a wide range of routes, as well as defined planning and lead time transparency, relieve stress. You get special offers due to our partnership with premium carriers and our own controlled carrier network. When you combine online tracking with visibility solutions, you get real-time information about your goods.

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